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Corporate Profile

Yamakatsu has been in the Japanese used car business for 30 years.
Our corporate motto is to contribute to social welfare through distribution of quality used cars.
Customer satisfaction is always our corporate goal.

Corporate Motto : [ Best Service ] [ Harmony ] [ Trust ]
Corporate Policy : 1) Customer satisfaction comes always first with our best service.
2) We respect the rules of community, realizing corporate social responsibility.
3) Through business,we believe in good harmony not only with our valued customers but also within our company to provide the best customer service.
4) We strive for better knowledge in car business to upgrade our staff members' expertise to meet the changing needs of our customers.
Corporate Name : Yamakatsu Company Ltd.
Headquarter : 4845 Higasi-Fukusei Sennonji, Tomita-cho, Nakagawa-ku, Nagoya, Aichi-Pref.
TEL : +81-52-433-0010
FAX : +81-52-433-0013
All inquiries of export must be addressed to Maya Nakazaki, Export Manager.
Founded : April 30, 1976
Capital : Yen 10,000,000
Business : * Sales of Cars(Wholesale/Sales of used cars, Renta-Car,Lease) Sales of new cars of all make
* Maintenance, Repair, Sheet Metal Work, Painting Work, Compulsory Car Inspection
* Nonlife/Life Insurance Agency
* Import/Export of Cars, Car Parts,Accessories, and Repair Tools
* Business on Internet
* Collection,Transportation of Industrial Waste
Board Members : Executive Chairman :
Executive President :
Export Manager :
Masakatsu Yamadori
Seigo Yamadori
Maya Nakazaki
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